Monday, January 17, 2011

Ready For Monday

I am tired and ready for a nice Monday , to rest..You know you have had a good weekend when you are wore out on Monday..As I said earlier I went down south and rode ,  great weather put in 30 miles and enjoyed the afternoon..Got home in time to watch the Jets-Patriots game..Oh well no big deal but I would have thought the Patriots would have won..My team the Eagles are all ready out so I am just watching now..

Here is a typical pic from the area I was riding yesterday..As I said I like this area , it is not that hard to really get remote..Ride for miles and see nothing , nor pass any cars..Now dogs are another story..Everybody and there brother has a damn dog down that way and nobody has ever heard of a leash or a fence..They just buy-no they just take a mutt from someone , nobody would pay for these mutts..And put him out in the yard and hope for the best..They feed it and it stays until it gets run over by the 1 car that comes by all day long..Yea I got chased a lot yesterday..I usually don't rant about this but I don't know if the snow had them kept up to long and they wanted to run or what but it was annoying ..Saturday wasn't that bad..

So anyhow checkout these 2 pics from the same spot , I made a loop around and from where I was ,  I could see where I had been..I wish I had thought about it I would have taken a pic from the church looking back to where I was..That is about a 7-8 mile span ..Not bad for a small camera..

Beyond that I had a good ride..We used to ride dirt bikes down this way , there are old abandoned sand pits all over this area of SC..For one reason or another they have all been closed to riding..I went by about 3 different pits we used to ride in..Oh well I blame it on the lawyers..The world would be better of if it had no more lawyers and no interior decorators....

In this pic , I know its hard to tell but this was the entrance to the best riding spot in the world..Not anymore...

And for the truck of the day..This truck sold for 5000grand on ebay..1979 model..Just like my first one..The one I had a wreck in..And no the wreck was not my fault..Just thought I would clear that up , in case you were wondering..

No ride today , it is rest day..Tomorrow night if the rain holds off I will hit it again..The legs are tired today........

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