Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday AM

Well we decided to skip races today..Cody don't want to go and I am going to South Carolina again to ride road bike..

Here are pics of a catastrophic tire failure , went out the other night and road..It was dark , got home and found this , tire failure..But still holding 125psi , not the best pic but you get the ideal..So then we had to go thru the process of going to bike shop get new tires and mount em up..Oh the pain of being a cyclist..It's a tough job but what the hell I am up for it..

I know you might not be that impressed but it looks good with the new skins..Do you realize how stressing it is to pick out new tires , way to many choices..I have been using race tires for the last few sets and only getting a few thousand miles out of them so this time we went with a middle of the road tire and hopefully I can get a few more miles..I will let ya know..

So went to SC , luckily from my house I can be in Pageland SC in about 25min..I go down that way because of the roads..No traffic hardly at all and long hills to climb..I always park at the same store and they like us..LOL..They got more snow down there than we did this week..My bike looks as bad as my truck now with all the salt on it..

So anyhow talking about my new tires ,,first ride on them today and had the first flat I have had in forever , about a year..Don't that just make ya ill..Old tires coming apart no flats new tires and flat..At least I didn't have it till I was almost back at the truck..Had about 2 miles and made it..

And that started a chain reaction , came home to fix it,,, and ended up fixing all the tires on all the bikes..Changed out 3 sets of tires on mtn bikes..So this is the pile of tires going to the trash..

You know ya ride a lot when you have this many wore out tires..Got about twice as many used tires laying in the garage..Nice to have a selection..

On to the trucks check out this one , ain't much to look at but cheap..Plenty of potential..All it would take is a pile of money..........Got to love the steel wheels in the back..

Ok time to carb load Karen's been cooking while I have been doing this so its time to eat..I will get some pics from down south today , put some on here..

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