Friday, January 14, 2011


Well I keep trying to load videos on here with no luck..Starting to get kind of ill..I want to put some video's with snow sledding on here and some pics of the kids , it ain't working..I can pull pics I got of the Internet and pics I have taken with my other camera but my Bloggie just won't work..

So here are my favorite truck pics for today this truck is a show truck with 1500hp and gearing to pull up to 131mph..Now that is a west coast truck..Long low and fast very fast..The fastest truck I had would run out about 110..And that was an 87 model..When I bought my new truck in 97 the computer would not let it run over 99..That sucked..LOL..I had it going that fast across Missouri one time and got pasted!!!!!!!

Oh well on to other things..It is still cold , and I am tired of it , I might have said that before but I mean it..

The phone started ringing today and the emails flying..The winter series starts Sunday..All of a sudden everybody wants to know who is doing what..I ain't made my mind up yet..I have a bunch of maintenance to do to mine and it is spotless right now..Don't know if I want to ride in the mud this winter , if it is going to be in the 50's Sunday I would rather ride my road bike..So don't know I will worry about that tomorrow..

Cody is still hung up on bmx and wants to head to town sometime this weekend..I keep waiting to get run off by some rent a cop.. When we are playing behind a store on the loading dock..Yea I am 42..Oh well you have to have fun..It wouldn't be the first time , we got chased off many a time when I was a kid..We lived in the city and played every where..That's right I was mobile when I was a kid..

OK since I sat down and wrote this blog I have tried to load a video with no luck...............................

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