Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Age , is it just a number or is it more..Personally I want to say it is a validation of you experiences..The younger you are the smarter you think you are ..The older you are the more you have experienced and you actually are smarter..Now they say 60 is the new 40 well I am 40 ( give or take ) so that must mean I am in my 20's..This is my blog so I can tell the story like I want to..

Anyhow we are going to get rain today , matter of fact it is sprinkling now..Lunch time..Kinda slow today at work but not bad..Riding isn't working out very well this week but I whine about that all the time if you haven't noticed..cold in the am and cold in the evening..The up side is we are gaining 1min. a day of daylight so now it stays day light almost till 6pm..In another two or three weeks it will be time to hit the road..

That's right springtime is coming!! Can't wait to ride I won't be carrying this much stuff , be will be loaded..This guy is on a 20000km tour around the US..I am going to ride a 100 mile weekend and start with that..

So now we are back to the grain towers..Another Kansas high rise..In the middle of the Kansas ocean..Also known as a giant wheat field..

Took this picture the other day at a stoplight..Might not mean much to most people but that is a 1990 ford ranger and I drove it!!!! I bought that truck new and drove it for like 15 years..It had like 230 thousand miles on it when I sold it for 600..I still see it around town , last time I saw it it was broken down sitting on the side of the road..Cody and I where out riding the road bikes and came up on it..I see they got it fixed...Never know what you will see....Mom will laugh at that picture..That truck has been everywhere......Later...

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