Friday, December 31, 2010


My wife pointed out something this morning , said I should clarify it..2wheels2kids and all the big truck pictures..I drove a tractor trailer for 5 years when I first got married , been married for 15 happy years by the way...Had to throw that in there make the sweetie pie happy.. Back to the trucks , loved trucking and would still be doing it if I didn't have a wife and kids..It is a very tough way to make a living , long hours and allot of time away from home..I got to see so much of the country and meet so many people..I will never forget that..

Anyway , I used to pull a dump trailer and hopper bottom hauling all kinda of commodities , wheat , corn , soybeans , every kind of meal you can think of (meal is a feed ingredient) ..Pulled a flat bed for awhile and hauled all kinds of stuff on that , ran back and forth to Ohio a couple times a week when I was doing that..That was probably my favorite time ..Although as I say that I can think of so many other favorite routes I used to do..NC to Pennsylvania , NJ back to NC.. Anyway I had a few different trucks , started with a 1979 cabover K-100 Kenworth then moved up to an 87' Kenworth W900 then I went nuts and bought a brand new Kenworth W900 Aerocab...It was bad###..Oh well all was well until the boys got older and the wife got tired of trying to do it all by herself , and the kids got tired of daddy leaving every other day for a couple of days..Glad I did it , always wanted to be a truck driver, every little boy loves his toy trucks when he is growing up..And I got to play with trucks for a few years as an adult....If I ever hit the lottery I will buy me a new truck to drive to the store and back..That would be the ultimate grocery getter...

So anyway that is why I keep coming up with the truck pics..Don't worry after I get a little better at running this stupid computer I will be putting allot more bicycle pics on here..We start racing again in just a few weeks so I know I will have plenty of stuff to write about..

my sweetie pie

That was at the Columbia SC zoo a few months ago..We are all little people in a big world...Be safe and have a happy new year....Later....

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