Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End----Of The Year

Well just like everybody else who has a blog it is time to reflect on the end of the year..First thanks to the good old man upstairs , everybody in the family still has good health and is doing fine..We got thru all the birthdays holidays doctors visits vacations and a remodel of the floors in our house without much of a hiccup..Hope the next year has the same results..Cody is now in high school and drivers ed..Chase is in the fifth grade and doing well..Karen changed jobs this year and works in Monroe now , seems to really love her new job..And that makes it nice for the rest of us!!!!!!!LOL....She is gonna shot me for that..

On to another subject we didn't race allot this year..I had a bad crash last year about this time , it took almost a whole year to recover from that.. But at least I have ..This year we are going to race the Southern Classic Series and a few select 6hr and 12hr events..Was kinda burned out on racing anyway so it was a well needed brake..As far as the bike shop goes it's an exciting time right now , they have gotten a whole list of sponsors to back us this year and are adding a road bike team to the lineup..Looking forward to seeing our colors at the road bike events...Go Bikes East!!!!!!!!!

That's about it today , ready for the weather to change up..I always thought I would like to live up north at some point in my life..Thought I might be missing out on something..The last few weeks have made me realize what I would be missing ,,,,,Not A Damn thing.....It has been really cold here and had the snow the other day..It is finally going to warm up to 50 the next 2 days..But going to be raining...Oh well can't have it all..

Found this on a web site the other day , food for thought..I think I might use it for motivation this year..Not that I litter or anything , I really try to be aware of that..But I might try to use it to inspire myself to pickup after others who don't really care..The one thing that made me laugh on the list would be the leather shoe..If it will last 40 years why the hell do my shoes wear out so fast then..Based on that figure I should get at least a few years out of them.......

Oh well tomorrow is NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!!!!!!! That used to mean something to me..Now it means its new years eve...Just another day of the year or the end of the holidays..I guess the highlight of this occasion to me would be now I have 15 days available between sick days and vacation days to use up!!! Must plan wisely...LOL..And the truck of the day would be a big flat top Pete bull hauler.......


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