Monday, December 27, 2010

The Holidays

         Well we made it through another holiday.. The kids got twice as much as they need , Karen seemed happy with what I got for her..And I was happy with what she got for me..
         Cody got a bunch of money so now he is ready to buy a BMX bike..This will be the first bike he has ever purchased for his self..He is excited, and I am for him...
         Chase got a bunch of money and he is ready to order a new air soft gun..Sniper rifle just what every 10yr old needs..Yes am I am the king daddy parent..
         I got Karen a pair of rubber outdoor boots , now when I was buying these I though they were a waste of money..Joke is on me , she got to wear them for 2-days..Who would of thought that..WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!
         No Shit started snowing on Christmas day..We ended up with 4inches of snow.. First time since 1946.. I think I saw that or heard that somewhere over the weekend..But anyhow it was great,we went walking and played in it allot..And of course we where the good old rednecks..Got out the truck early Sunday am and went riding around for awhile.. Didn't see anybody in the ditch though..Cody got a new fishing rod for Christmas and believe it or not had to go to the creek to try it out..The kids also got a new canoe..I look forward to that one myself..Already found us a 25 mile canoe trip to do..

       OK back to the weekend I was off last Thursday and Karen had to work so I got to finish all my shopping that was cool..Then Friday I got to get out on my mtn bike..That didn't workout to well , my buddies told me the trail was in great shape Thursday , well Friday we had that freeze thaw thing going on and it was a total mess..What normally takes me 55minutes to do took me 1:20 minutes to do..My bike weighed 20 extra pounds for all the mud..then we had Christmas and the snow so that was about it for riding..The snow will be gone in a few days and they are calling for 55degrees again for next weekend..perfect ride weather..And I almost forgot Karen bought me a new seat Brooks Saddle...The king daddy saddle,,,It is so bad ass it forgoes the name of seat..It is a SADDLE....Made by a saddle company....      
cool blast from the past


I found this pic on another blog this morning and had to have it...Memories baby.....I had JT pants and
scott goggles and a haro number plate...Yea I was the bomb.........Or at least I looked damn good.....And since I was surfin the net I also found this big truck check it out.........

bad ass.........

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