Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Or club level teams , here in Charlotte there seems to be some confusion..We are lucky enough to have a great mtn bike scene..We have a local promoter who organizes a summer series and winter series along with several one off races 6hr-12hr ..And a few other events as well..Along with all the other races in the area we are covered up..You can damn near race every week , give or take..
        Back to sponsors ...Well with all the races we have our promoter decided to have a team category...OK the way it works is all your team members race and there finishes all add up and at the end of the series team with the most points splits a few hundred bucks..Or the winning shop gets a check...Not a bad concept , except now everybody in town claims they have a sponsorship...Here's how a local deal works, you get a bicycle at discount, you get parts and purchases at a discount...Discount means you pay for it...Now I know we have a few in town who get more or less but it takes away from the ones who are good enough to get more for everybody to run around sponsored...And yes I am on a local club level team,LOL..But I think I need to stimulate my local sector of the economy , here's the deal...
        I am in the building business, it's slow..The company I work for has 15 houses sitting for sale...You buy a house (they range from 500to1.5)from me and I will give you a bicycle and clothes and I will cover all your repairs up to a hundred dollars...Now that's a deal , everybody else in town wants to sell you a bike , i will give you a bike....your choice up to 3g's...and 2 uniforms...and you can tell everybody you brought a new outside of industry sponsor into the sport...Sounds like a deal to me!!!!!
        Point being if you have to buy your way in you are not sponsored , you are part of a club...You go to our local mtn-bike web site you will see people selling stuff claiming they have to because of sponsor changes,BS.....Just sell your junk and buy a new bike from your new best bike shop friend...But call it what it is..Not what you want people to believe...
       Anyhow Christmas is right around the corner and I ain't ready to Finnish up today...I hope Santa brings you what you have asked for and you have a great holiday..I will not be back to post tell after Christmas,got allot of plans for the next 4-days..Just not sure what they are,got to check with my social director(the wife)...I let her control the events around the holidays ,and sneak in a few rides when I can...That's called keeping the peace...And they are calling for snow on Christmas day..A white Christmas...Haven't had a white Christmas in years.....Cheers and Merry Christmas
       And just so as to not hurt any future club member mtn bike racers feelings...Have fun and enjoy being part of the team , if it helps to bring more people out to enjoy the great outdoors, then it's a win win for everybody....Keep on Truckin................

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