Friday, January 29, 2016

I'll Figure It out ,,,,,,,,,,

Back to Dupont tomorrow, I know one route and think I have another. I figure after I make about 3-4 trips up there I will have a pretty good Ideal of how to get around. I don't know exactly how I plan to do it but I do know about a few different roads that run from side to side through the whole park.

With that little bit of knowledge I plan to hit certain things on both sides of the place tomorrow. Then end with the world's greatest downhill, "Ridgeline" at least right now it seems to be the best downhill. Plus it's the only downhill I know right now. Next week I might have a new favorite trail.

The wife and her friends are doing the Biltmore House and a wine tour tomorrow, so I have all day to play. No time limit just time. My plan is to stay in the low ring and just pedal. No race pace just a fun exploratory type pace. I even have my backpack ready and the temps are gonna be perfect.

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