Tuesday, September 29, 2015

U-Haul, Would Haul !!!!!!!!!!

So we loaded the truck Thursday evening and headed down Friday morning. It was kinda funny, we had a 26ft truck and a car hauling trailer. He's a 19 year old kid, how much stuff does he really have! With that thought in mind at one point we wondered if we had a big enough truck. When you add it up he had a bedroom suit a couch and a kitchen table and chairs. Plus his clothes and kitchen "stuff"!

We could have done a little better job loading also. It worked out though, we got loaded and had the car on the trailer by 8pm. Up at 4am and on the road by 5am. We had a walk through with the realtor at 11:30 and a 5 hour drive. No time to waste.

Walk through over and unloading started about 2. That's when we realized how little a 19 year old actually owns! Moving him in a 1800 square foot house and including the unloading of the Jeep, we where done in less than an hour! As we stood in the living room looking at how empty it was we both started laughing.

We then headed to his place of employment and picked up his new uniforms to wash, we ended up leaving there right at 5'oclock. Not by planning but it just worked out. Even with 5'oclock traffic we still made it back to his house in about 35 minutes. Not a bad commute for Atlanta and a Friday afternoon. Plus it was raining....

From there it was an early dinner and then we checked out town a little bit. It all caught up to us about 8:30 and we both hit the bed early. Saturday we headed home around lunch and now he starts work this Monday....

Time fly's.......

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