Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Start !!!!!!!!!!

So we got the kid home Saturday and we've been getting stuff ready ever since. He now has a couch and kitchen table with chairs to go with his bedroom suit but that's it. From school he has all his kitchen stuff so overall he has a good start. He gets to take his bikes and several shop items for his garage.

Yesterday I had his power and gas turned on. Today I have to do the water and the trash. We pick up the U-Haul Thursday morning and we have it till Sunday. Plus we get a car trailer to take the Jeep. He wants to go ahead and take it down this Friday and leave it in the garage, He is coming back with me Saturday after we turn in the U-Haul. He starts his new job on Monday October 5th so he doesn't really want to stay down there with nothing to do for a week.

He and the wife and grandma are going back down next weekend. I have inventory that weekend so I won't make it. Plus I still need to get up to the mountains and reserve our spot for the camper for next year. While there down south I will probably head north. Plus I can slip in a mountain bike ride while I am there.

For a re-cap of the last few weeks. I have done 2 trips to Atlanta and 2 trips to Pennsylvania. This week it's back to Atlanta! The light at the end of the tunnel? The light I see anyway, shows Atlanta has all kinds of mountain bike trails! They are calling my name!!!

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