Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Still Thinking ,,,,,,,,,

Last night I met Charles after work and we road Rocky River Trail. Probably the hardest trail in the Charlotte area. I was a little apprehensive about meeting him there for two reasons. Reason one: it's the hardest trail around here! Reason 2: it has a lot of climbing and I am still riding the 26in bike.

Yep my "can't seem to last 6 months at a time before I break again Cannondale" is still broke and sitting in the garage. I need to break down and take it to the shop, but right now I am kinda aggravated with the whole deal. I can't keep the Cannondale on the trail and then I have the Specialized that has never given me the first problem after 5 years!

Point is I have gotten used to the 29inch wheels and like the way the roll. I swear I can climb better with the 29in wheels. The 26in just seem a little harder to keep rolling. BUT, my 26in has full suspension! I like that! Yesterday with all the climbing and knowing that's where Charles is a lot stronger than I am I didn't really want to meet him there. At a place like Sherman I know I can roll the 26 as fast as the 29 it's just a little harder.

So all this has me thinking about my next bike and want I want. Full suspension is looking like a must and now I want to test ride a 27.5 and go from there.....

By the way, I held my own! I can go downhill a lot faster than most people! If I fell behind on a climb I could make up on the next decent...

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