Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shameless Plug,,,,,,,,

So I am back, we spent the weekend house hunting in Atlanta and that was a waste of time. Living her and trying to look there just ain't working! By the time we find something we want to see and then make a trip down there it's the weekend. We have to wait till Monday to fill out the paperwork and by then someone else, who viewed the property on Friday! When it was first listed, has already made an offer.

Plus the good old "rule", "nobody can legally tell you if the house is in a good area or not!" You have to do all your own homework before you go down and look. It's a pain in the ass! we went down with about 8 properties to look at and literally drove in some neighborhoods and drove right back out! Didn't even stop to look!

The one we really liked, as I said. By Monday am it was already gone. Yesterday I finally broke down and made contact with a realtor and hopefully that will speed the process. we go back again this weekend and meet her Saturday morning. Hopefully it will help.

Now that we have that out of the way let's talk bike trails! Lake Norman State Park to be exact! Monday I made the trip up there from my house. Now that we have 485 open all the way around Charlotte I wanted to see how much time it would save me. Big difference! I can now leave my house and it's 15 miles shorter and a half hour quicker. Now it's a one hour drive and 65 miles instead of 80.

Once I get on 485, 10 miles from the house I never slow down. Awesome, I will be going more often now. Because that place is the cat's meow! Over the last 10 years I have ridden there 3 times. It was just to far. Monday I was there for 3 hours and rode all 30 plus miles of trails, everyone of them are great! The flow is perfect, the climbs are not to brutal and it just rolls.

This was the first time I have been there since they opened the new Wildlife loop. Now you leave the parking lot and if you head to the Laurel loop side you can ride it plus the Wildlife trail and it's 2 extra loops and get 18 miles just on that side of the park! That's a good ride if you do it only. I also noticed most people stay away from that side and do the other loops. I rode that section and only saw 2 other people.

The Hawk loop side I must have seen a hundred people. That's where everybody went. It's shorter and easier. So it's more popular, but still just as good. If you get a chance Lake Norman State Park is worth the trip. If you haven't been lately make a point to go..

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