Monday, August 24, 2015

Not To Happy ,,,,,,,,,,,

Saturday I did a bunch of stuff to make the wife happy and then headed to Uhwarrie. I earned a good ride and I was rather excited to be going. I got there and decided I was only going to do one lap so I decided to do it counter clock wise, that seems to be the hardest direction and I wanted as much out of one lap as I could get.

Of course I was not disappointed and was really enjoying the ride when everything went south! South in a big way! I am on one of the fastest sections and hauling butt when I stick it in a corner and the whole front end twists and the front tire binds up against the fork leg and I go flying through the air!

As I am flying I have two thoughts pass through my mind. Thought number 1: Gee I think Glen had told me about his fork doing the same thing! Thought number 2: I am high enough in the air that it's really gonna hurt when I hit the ground! A split second later and I have my confirmation about thought 2! As I am rolling around on the ground with the air knocked out of me and trying to breath again! I can already tell my shoulder is gonna hurt.

After I catch my breath I do the mental check and realize nothing is broken but now I am confused. How in the hell could that have even happened. I could have really been hurt. Uhwarrie is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the country and it's not the biggest but it still has plenty of drops and at mid flight I was every bit of 10 feet in the air.

Tomorrow I am taking the bike to the shop and they will send the fork back to Cannondale to fix it. If they decide I should pay for this we are gonna have a really big problem! As I said that should never in no way have ever happened! That's an engineering mistake that could result in someone getting killed or seriously injured. You see I have the Cannondale Lefty fork, the one that only has one fork leg.

As I said that should never happen and I am not to happy at the moment......

Want to buy a used Cannondale! Right now I don't know if I could ever trust it again. Not at speed....

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