Thursday, August 27, 2015

Next Week,, This Weekend ,,,,,,,,,

"Next Week" I will take the bike to the shop and deal with that. Right now I am still in the whining stages, anybody wants to listen I tell them how my Cannondale let me down. Next week we find out if they are gonna make it right. If they do I'll be glad to tell ya. So far the fork has done nothing but cost me money!

"This Weekend", that's what's on my mind right now! Tonight I go to bed and I am gonna get up at 3am and hit the road. I will be in Blairsville PA by 12 noon tomorrow. Then I am gonna get in a good road ride and be back at the motel by the time Cody gets out of school. He graduates on the 18th of Sept. and we move him home.

Yep, school is over! Believe it or not, we are about 2 trips away from the Pennsylvania trips being over! Then we are heading to Georgia! I go this weekend then we go next month to bring him home and then we move him to the big A..

Yep my nineteen year old kid took a job in Atlanta! I am happy, AND I don't know what to think. I planned on him coming home from school and getting a job here in Charlotte. Moving to Atlanta never crossed my mind! We are heading down to find a house in the next few weeks. He wants to rent a house so he has a garage instead of living in an apartment.

Believe me Karen is still adjusting to. As I told her the other night, Chase just started the 10 grade and Cody is moving to Atlanta. Chase will be going off to college in 3 years and we could be living by ourselves. I can't even begin to imagine a house without the kids..

Hopefully Cody will have 3 years experience and move back to Charlotte by then. Ya' never know..

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