Friday, July 10, 2015

Plan 1 !!!!!!

I am heading back to PA next week. The "Plan" this time is take kid number 2 with me and go a day early. While kid number 1 is in school all day next Friday, number 2 and I are gonna ride a "rails to trails" type trail. I have been eyeing it since we started going up there last November.

From Blairsville to Indiana PA is the trail and it's like 15 miles one way. We can ride up and then have Cody pick us up. Of course we could ride both ways but Chase hasn't been on a bike in a while so I don't want to make the ride miserable for him. I know he can still ride 15 without a problem but if we turn around and have to go back it would take the fun out of it for him.

Plus this way we can ride up and mess around town. They have a great deli in downtown Indiana and Chase loves a good Rueben sandwich! After a 15 mile ride he'll be ready for it when we get there. I also want to hit the 2 local bike shops. I want to get a shirt from both of them. The point is I am gonna enjoy the day with Chase and then I have the rest of the weekend with both of them.

Yep it's a week away, but I am looking forward to it all ready!!!!!!!

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