Monday, February 23, 2015

Never Gonna Happen !!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to visit and will continue to visit till the kid comes home, but I will never live up there! It was so cold in PA that when we returned to 32 degree weather I was ready to put shorts on. It was that cold! Plus the snow!

Don't even get me started on the snow! I thought I liked snow and I thought I would like for us to get more snow but not anymore! I am tired of snow and I know the kid has to be too. When we crossed the Virginia line headed north we rode in snow until we crossed back into NC. Plus it snowed all day Saturday.

Yes we had a good time and I am always thankful to see my kid. We spent Saturday up in Indiana PA and got to see an ice carving contest plus we went to a chili cook off. That was fun, and we got to taste about 10 different chili's. That was a first for all of us! Word to the wise! If your in an area that is having a ice carving contest you know it's a cold area!

We don't have those down south! I did manage to find a bicycle shop that was open and we checked it out. That turned out to be a good thing! The shop also sold snowboards and ski's along with boots. They where having an end of season sale and we got a great deal on a snowboard and boots for Chase, he now has his own setup for skiing! We will be going this weekend!

Appalachian ski resort here we come! The only complaint I had for the whole weekend was the return trip. With all the snow Saturday it made for a long trip home. I usually get home in about 7-8 hours at the most. Yesterday took a total of 10 hours! That made a long day......

                                            Can't wait to go back though.........

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