Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where To Start !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My last two posts have been nothing more than space savers. Little tid-bits to at least move me back to the top of a blog list. Besides that nothing more.

But now we are back, it's a new year and things might get back to normal. I don't know if I will post everyday this year but I will try. The reason for that is I now have a little more to do here at work. As I said before I am selling more interior doors than I ever did before. I have kinda taken the lead in that area on my own, I would rather do doors than windows and that department needed help.

Plus it makes me look good and looking good can always look good when it's time for review. It's all about the numbers when you are in sales, and I have always been a numbers type guy. Besides since I took the initiative to go all in on doors, all I heard from that department was how busy they where. Now they have shut-up completely!

Numbers: September I sold $6000.00 in doors. December I sold $30,000.00. October November December total $75,000.00.... Not bad for never really trying. We had a door department I used that department. It got to where all you heard was a bunch of complaining from that department. Now they are kinda wishing I would have left those numbers in there department. Life sucks move on..

                      Anyhow I will post as much as possible but it might slow down.

Back to life, I have had so much going on I have hardly ridden my bike lately. A few road rides here and there. But not much more, I slipped out New Year's day and went to Rocky River Trail. I totally sucked! The same trail I was kicking ass on a few months ago was kicking my ass! It's funny how fast you loose "it". I have been doing a lot of walking with the dog but it's not the same as seat time. The change has been nice though, I have said it before. Sometimes I just step back from the bike.

We did get the kid moved to Pennsylvania, he started school yesterday! I plan to go back up in a few weeks to visit but for now we only have one kid at home. It seems really weird, little things like locking the side door last night. We are used to leaving it unlocked when we go to bed, knowing Cody will be home shortly. But now I go ahead and lock it. Weird!

In the morning having to look before you move the car. Not knowing where he parked when he got home. Now I can just backup and not worry about hitting his jeep.

We miss the kid................

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