Friday, January 9, 2015

I Didn't Realize ,,,,,,,,,,,

How warm 40 degrees really is! If you don't know where I live, it's Monroe NC. In Monroe NC we hardly ever get below 30 degrees so this 4 day snap of 20 and lower sucks! It really sucks! The dog hates it I hate it the bike just sits in the garage the motorcycles aren't even close to moving.

40 degrees is really warm! I can't wait to see it again. It's been so cold I hate to leave the outside dog outside, and she ain't on the same time table as the inside dog. Every night the inside dog will wake you up to go out at 3am. He knows the deal, I get up let him out he does his business and comes right back to the door. Total time 5 minutes and I am back in bed.

The last few nights I have gotten up and then had to get back up at 4:30 for the big dog. By then she is ready to go back out to her pen. So I am getting up at 3 going back to bed and then getting right back up at 4:30, except at 4:30 I have to get dressed and take the damn dog out to her pen! I get up at 5:30 anyway so by the time I lay back down and fall asleep it's time to get up anyway!

I was even googling heated dog house's this morning! I want to sleep! When it gets back to a reasonable temp one that I feel she will be alright with the heat lamps again she will be going back out! Thank goodness we don't live any further north....

Have a good weekend,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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