Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Got My Eye On The Tube,,,,,,,,,,

The weather channel! I am planning on going to Pittsburgh to see the kid and the weather is kinda acting like it might make it an interesting trip. I can always change my plans but that option is way low on my list. I want to go.

Yes it's been busy here at work and the blog keeps falling further and further down the priority list. Since we started the new program on doors and windows I am just a lot busier. Plus this time of year it's a little slow on the home front.

I ride when I can and do a lot of walking at the country club. No swimming this year I burned out on it early last spring and haven't been back. I did get a new car last weekend. I got a new Ford Focus that gets close to 40 miles a gallon, I plan on putting that to use a lot this spring. I ordered a frame hitch for it the other day and now I need to get a good rack and I will be ready to hit the road.

Besides that life is good!

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