Monday, January 19, 2015

5lbs,, And Plans Change,,,,,,,,,,,,

I let 5lbs. of air out of my tires and damn what a difference it makes! Saturday I couldn't round up any of the troops to hit the White Water Center so I joined Kelly for a lap at Sherman. I wanted to hit the WWC again but not bad enough to go by myself.

Of course I am still on the lame side of the fitness spectrum but at least I am working on it. Riding with Kelly helps, he pushes me but right now I really do suck! I hate to keep whining about it but damn it sucks to go from really riding good and then hurting on even the easiest trails! I worked so hard to be in shape for my fall mountain trip and managed to carry that up till Christmas.

Only to loose pretty much all of it by the 3rd week of January! It happens I know, but it still sucks. Even though I say I am slow I am still passing most everybody we see I just can't keep up with the really fast guys! Sometimes my friends really piss me off!!

I went back yesterday and did another lap and I enjoyed it. I'll be glad when the weather gets better the trails are really soft right now. Add the wet winter we are having and it makes for a slow go.

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