Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Hump !!!!!!!!!

Not sure what my problem is but I am having a tough time adjusting to the cold this year. I can't seem to decide if I am sick or not! The last two weeks have consisted of 4 bike rides and that's been about it. All of them coming in the middle of the day.

I usually don't mind the cold and will make plans to go no matter what the temps are, but this year has been different. I went on a few cold rides and then it's like my body said, "not this year"! I so much as walk outside with the thought of riding and the cold hits me and it's over! I would rather take the dog and go to the golf course and walk for 5 miles. I may not break a big sweat but I come home and I can feel it.

It might not be riding but it's still exercise! I enjoy riding the road bike more when it's cold but right now it ain't happen either. Maybe it will change but for now I am in a rut and can't see over the side! Cold sucks and that's all there is to it!

The rest of the story, Cody is still hurting! He's had a rough week! He is finally eating but it hurts, he's decided now that if had known how bad this was gonna hurt he would have never had it done! It sucks watching your kid go through this, you wish you could make it all better but it is what it is. Another week and he will be back to somewhat normal. Plus we are on the 2 week count down before we take him north.

I guess things are good, real good actually but damn it's gonna be tough leaving him in PA.........

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