Friday, December 5, 2014

Maybe, Maybe Not !!!!!

You might call it a waste but I call it a good week. No rides happened but I walked a lot. I hardly drank any beer and I feel good. It's Friday and the weekend is here. I don't really have any big plans this weekend and I am fine with that. We have been busy getting things ready for the kid to head off and that has taken time.

We are now on the count down! We will be heading north on Jan. 2nd and he will be checked in for the next nine months. Am I ready for it? Nope! But it's gonna happen, weather I like it or not. Not that I don't "like it", I just know how much I am gonna miss my kid! I will see him several times over the next 9 months but I still know the kid I send up there is gonna come home a lot more mature.

This will be his first time living anywhere but home. He's gonna have to learn how to do it all for himself! Laundry, cooking the whole deal! It should be interesting! So was the week wasted?

                                                  "Maybe, Maybe Not"............

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