Friday, December 12, 2014

I Hate It ,,,,,,,,,,,

"I Hate It", for my kid! This has been coming but it still sucks. We originally had this planned for the week of Christmas but since he is heading to PA the week after Christmas we had it moved up. That way he will be better by the time he goes to school.

                      Cody is 19 and had his tonsils removed this morning!

Even the doctor said it's a lot rougher for an adult to have it done than it is for a little baby. When he walked in the room this morning the first thing he said was he had already done 3 kids that morning but Cody was the one he would be thinking about this weekend.

He said the little kids have little tonsils, like a small grape, where as adults have them the size of golf balls! In other words, a lot bigger cut! He even told us to keep him full of meds! Yes he is already home and hating life. It only took about thirty minutes to have it done but that was the easy part.

As I said, "I Hate It" the kid has a long weekend ahead of him.........

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