Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things Change ,,,,,,

So my sidekick was running a little late, way late actually and for some reason I just made a right off hwy 485 and went to the house. A short nap later and the dog and I headed to the country club. Walked till dark and then came home. Day over!

                                                        "Things Change"

Enough said, try again today. I wasn't to upset I was kinda tired anyway. Hence the reason I took the nap. This time of year seems to kick my ass every year. Once we get through October and time changes I seem to snap out of it. Every year is like this. Why? I have no ideal..

It is what it is,,,,,, I hung out with the kid for awhile and called it a night. He seems to be interested in riding again and not just talking about it. We worked on his bike last night and he is out riding mine right now! Hard to believe but he called and wanted to borrow my bike. Of course I said yes.

Maybe I'll have a partner soon.........

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