Monday, October 6, 2014

Again and Again ,,,,,,,,,,,

Yep I rode Steve's last week on Thursday and then again on Saturday. I am loaded ready to go again today! I spent the summer on the road bike and now I am right back to my roots. I even went to Cane Creek and rode a lap yesterday. That makes 3 mountain bike rides in the last 5 days.

Now my road bike feels lonely! I have been enough times now that even Cody has noticed, he hasn't even thought about riding for about a year and now he wants me to get his bike back in shape. That makes me smile! I need a riding partner and I can't think of any better option. I told him if he would get back to riding we would start planning a few mountain trips.

DuPont and Pisgah, are calling our name! I like road trips and I like traveling and spending time with my kids. Maybe we are gonna be back in business. If he starts riding hopefully his brother will take an interest in it again too! All I can do is hope!

Anyway I hit Steve's Saturday and it was empty once again! The first full most beautiful fall day we have had yet and nobody was there. For me, it tickles the shit out of me! I hate it for Steve though, that man has put in more time than I can even imagine! He has built an awesome play ground it's just a tough trail. I guess Charlotte area riders would rather ride easy trails than the hard ones.

For me though I love going and having the whole place to myself. Maybe today will be the same.... I got all my stuff and that is my destination!

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