Friday, October 24, 2014

Schedule ,,,,,,,,,

As I said, I seem to be on a 4 ride a week schedule. Last night was the 4 night, It all starts over on Saturday. My life my rules, even though it could start any day of the week and end at the same time and count the same. Saturday is the day!

OK, I had a point when I started talking so back to my point. I rode with my buddy last night and we had a ball. First ride of the year that required arm warmers. Anyhow we were rolling! It made for a great ride and I look forward to more night rides. Only one problem..

I don't trust my lights! Out of 3 night rides I have done so far this year twice I have had my "head" light stop working. That's not what I want to happen when were flying down the trail and I need to see. The first ride I did it burned out and I limped back to the truck with only a bar light. The next ride it did good again.

Last night I made it to the very end of my ride when it went out again. Luckily Kelly was in front so I just used his lights to see further up the trail. BUT, when we started our ride last night I didn't trust them. So I took an extra battery for both lights! That sucks, I had 5 pounds of batteries in my back pocket and they rode along for the whole trip. That's way to much weight to carry just for backup.

I guess I am gonna have to ask for lights for Christmas. I don't plan to carry extra batteries all winter long. Some guys get hours out of there lights. So far all I get are minutes.......

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