Thursday, October 23, 2014


It came first the last few days. Windows doors, interior exterior, patio screened in porch you name it I have been involved in it the last few days. Not all to my liking but I do get paid to like it so I guess I like it. Makes sense right! Maybe, maybe not.

Point is I still have a job and for that I am grateful. Besides, it's a whole lot easier than driving a damn truck. I have plenty of play time so that's cool. Plus I am now on what I would call my fall riding schedule. The road bike has found it's way back on a hook in the garage and the mountain bike has worked it's way back to the front of the garage.

I am on a 4 ride a week plan and I am enjoying it. Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. A few miles each ride and I am happy! I haven't turned on Strava in over a month and I am enjoying that. No record no track no trace! If I don't talk about it nobody even knows I rode. Every fall I kinda revert back to my old "I just want to ride" self. For fun!

I only did one race all year and a whole bunch of riding. I pushed myself hard for the sake of pushing I guess. I thought about racing a few different things but never committed. Now that fall has arrived I don't see anything that calls my name. Just riding for the hell of it!

The other night I took a friend to ride Steve's trail (aka Rocky River Trail) for his first time. His pace was about a half an hour slower than my usual pace and I honestly had a good time and felt great when I was done. No worries! Tonight will be the same......

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