Monday, October 13, 2014

More Like That !!!!!!!!!!!

Or all like that! The weekend, it worked out to be one of the best I can remember in awhile. The reason of course was the kid decided to come out and play. As I mentioned last week he has ridden a few times lately and we had plans for Saturday. We took his bike to Bike Source to get the rear end rebuilt and then we headed to the infamous Backyard Trails!

He hung in there for the first 5-6 miles and then he started to fall off a little bit but he had fun. I know I did! We chatted and talked and over all had a great ride. We even stopped in some outdoor provisions company that was over near the bike store. We hung out there for awhile.

We even talked about doing a kayak trip together. We only have one kayak so another will need to be purchased but it can happen! Now I need to get Chase out and about with us! I know he would like the kayak trips so now I need to start watching Craigslist, somebody has got to have 2 kayaks for sale!

Overall we had a good day, it was hot and we rode. Plus hung out together, I'll take that anytime. Sunday he got up early and went and rode with one of his buddies, I of course didn't want to go so early so I stayed home, I stayed home just long enough it started to rain! That cancelled any rides close to the house so I had to rethink my ride.

After a little thought I decided to go and see what they had done down in Cheraw SC. They finally opened the trails back up and I had been looking for a reason to go that way. I just hadn't made it a priority. Now that I finally went I can't wait to go again! Someone spent a ton of time redoing the trails! They were in awesome shape!

Smooth sweet sandy single track! Plus with the rain all day the trail was firm and fast! That's the best part about the trails down south the rain just soaks right in, with sand a light steady rain is the best you could get! I now have my winter riding trail selected!

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