Friday, October 10, 2014

Again and Again ,,,,,,,,,

I looked at my ride chart last might and damn if all my rides here of late have all been in the woods! I haven't been on the road bike in over a week. What am I thinking! I even looked forward to driving to a trail last night. I went home and loaded up and out the door I went.

I drove to Sherman and rode a lap, a lap on the 26in full suspension no less! We are taking Cody's bike to the shop tomorrow to get all new bushings in the rear triangle and we plan to ride after we drop it off. To make that plan work he will be riding then 29er so that will put me on the 26. All that info explains why I decided to take it last night.

It was nice to have the squish under my butt, but the wheels sucked! I used to say I couldn't make the 29er roll and now I make the same claim about the 26. It just seems to take to much effort to ride the 26. I finally got used to the 29er and now I can't go back. I crossed over to the dark side!

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