Friday, October 17, 2014

I Went For A Ride and Had A Nice Walk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twice I got to walk! First time that's ever happened. I turned my 26in bike back over to a tubeless tire set up the other day. I had to put a new tire on and for some reason I decided it would be a good ideal to go back tubeless. I guess since my Cannondale has been in the shop it seemed like a good ideal.

Anyhow I had to change a broken spoke and then changed the tire. I knew the first ride would be a "bug detector type session" Although it's been holding air just fine in the garage I knew once I hit the trail it could lose a little air the first ride or two.

Sure enough, I went to Steve's last night right after work and by the time I had done the lower river section my tire was going flat! 2 miles in and I was walking. No big deal I knew how far the truck was. BUT I ran into another rider and he wanted to help. I appreciate that for sure and all riders should do that. But I told him it's ok and he kinda insisted. He was pulling his pack off and already digging for his pump.

When I am in the mountains and a long way from the truck that's one thing. But when I am local and not to far from a good pump I would just as soon walk! Well I didn't want to be mean so I stopped and excepted his help. Guess what, his pump was a first class piece of junk! After about 980 strokes I still had hardly any pressure! I tried to play it off and said I believe I have enough air to ride out.

That's when it went to hell really quick! As I was trying to remove his pump from my valve stem it was stuck and then it pulled the core out of my valve! Just like that I had no air at all and no way to pump it up! He was like "damn it did that to me the other day", I looked at him like your "kidding right". If it wasn't working correctly why would you even give it to me to try!

Anyhow I went back to walking and went to the truck. I fixed it and took off again. This time I made it to the finish of the Valley Loop and it was low again! To low to climb the big hill out of the valley so back to walking I went. By now it's after 5 and I decided to pack it in and head to the truck.

                      Total for the day, one hour and a half of combined walking and riding! Total mileage 6......

                         I did come home and fix it so now were good............ Plus I get my 29er back today....

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