Thursday, October 16, 2014

Closer Than Yesterday !!!!!!!!!

Closer to having a full garage again! The phone rang and bike number 1 is fixed, now I have to go pick it up and then wait for the phone to ring again. I am still riding my old 26in bike for now, not my first choice but it damn sure beats riding nothing at all. Plus Cody's bike is fixed so I will at least have a riding partner this weekend.

I still plan to hit Cheraw again, it might be a drive but it's my car and my time! I can waste both in whatever way I feel is necessary. The place was kickin and I plan to kick around it again. The only thing they need is camping or a cheap motel close by. Preferably a cheap motel with a continental breakfast! I like free breakfast!

I plan to slip out today if the rain holds off. I think it's gone for now but we'll see. So far the rain has messed me up this week. I came to work ready to ride twice already and then things fell apart. Some days are like that, but today will be different!

Besides, I bought new tires for the 26!!!!!

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