Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Other 2 Wheels,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

With the arrival of the cooler weather and the first official day of fall I started riding the motorcycle this week. I like this time of year just because. If you own a motorcycle you always look forward to fall. Plus it's always an adventure! Even though I have a stereo system I tend to ride without ever turning it on. About the only time the radio gets used is when the wife rides along. I like to hear and see all the sights and sounds. The radio is a distraction, but it's nice to have when the wife is along.

Well today is only Wednesday and the adventure has started already! Keep in mind I have pretty much ridden all summer long but it's been hit or miss. If the weather has been hot I haven't ridden, if they where calling for afternoon showers I didn't ride. But with fall I kinda start my daily riding. So Monday I rolled out the bike and got ready to head out the door.

As I stood there closing the garage door the right head light burned out! Literally, it burned out as I was looking at it. What are the odds of that happening. The bike is 10 years old and has 23000 miles on it and I just happened to be looking at it when the light quit working. So I hit up the local Honda dealer on the way home, $21 bucks later and I had a new light. I changed it and was ready to roll with full lights again.

Then yesterday I rode to work and the weather was calling for cool and clear. Guess what it started raining about noon and it was really raining when I left work at 4! I had to break out the rain suit! I haven't ridden in the rain in years. Yes I have gotten caught a few times here and there but that's the first time I needed a rain suit in years. As I stood under the side building getting ready to leave work I had to chuckle.

Then as I was rolling along at 70 miles an hour on 485 I was smiling, I was snug as the old bug in a rug! I had forgotten how comfortable the suit was. I was warm and dry and it was raining, I was riding my motorcycle in the rain! I wasn't stuck in a car and I wasn't worried about my hair! The rain was coming down and people where looking at me like they felt sorry for me.

Truth is, I felt sorry for them! I was warm and dry and in my own little world. It might have been raining and I might have looked like I was getting wet and the truth is my rain suit was getting wet but I wasn't! I got home and pulled in the garage, I took off my suit and was as dry as I had been all day. The only reason I didn't ride in today (in the rain) was the fact I went ahead and re-treated my rain suit with Scotch Guard last night. It has to hang dry for at least 24 hours to get the full effects.

                                             It's gonna be a fun fall....................

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