Monday, September 15, 2014

Oops '''''''''''''

Sorry, that's the longest between posts I have ever gone. Even when I am on vacation I do a better job! Last week was busy here at work and I was off on Friday so before I even realized we are on a new week. My bad I will get back on track!

So to catch up, I spent the majority of my week last week getting ready for my mountain bike trip. The annual fall guys trip. Probably the last one I will make! We'll get back to that shortly though. I only got one ride in all last week and then I had to tend to the yard. Not much to talk about. Regular life stuff!

Now for the trip, the good part was all the riding I have been doing really paid off! I was strong all weekend, I got in 5 hours of riding on Friday and then about the same on Saturday. We had 2 guys who came up for the day Saturday who where really strong so I had someone to ride with all day. Friday I was on my own but still managed to get about 30 miles in.

             All the fire road climbing and straight up trails, I was killing it! That made me want to go back.

Now for the bad part! As I said this is and was our "annual" fall trip. In other words I have been before. No I am not the ring leader or the organizer, nor am I one of the originals. I have even taken my oldest son Cody along before and we had a great time. Last year I missed the trip because of inventory at work and some how the dynamics changed.

Yes things change and people change but for the most part this group has stayed pretty much the same. When I started going there where 5 of us and they were really good guys. Now It has changed. One guy doesn't ride anymore and one moved away. Some how there 2 spots got filled with 3 other guys who must not get to come out and play very often.

The mellow group that I enjoyed and even brought my son along with has changed! I wouldn't want my kid around the group that came this weekend for anything. Even the mellow guys who still came seemed to get a little noisy and rowdy. I have always gotten a separate camp site anyway just because I was the last to join the group and all the sleeping arrangements where already squared away.

This year I was REALLY glad I did. Before it's always been ride during the day and then have a few beers around the fire at night. With good conversation and fun times. This year was way to much loud music and the conversations where on the college frat house level. I disappeared about 8 Friday night and it wasn't much later than that Saturday night.

I woke up ready to ride and feeling great on Saturday morning and then had to wait on a bunch of dumb ass's who drank to much. I would have enjoyed it more if I had just taken the wife and went up for a quite weekend with a few rides thrown in. Thank goodness the other 2 guys came or I wouldn't have had anyone to ride with.

The rest of the crowd would ride for 30 minutes then stand around for 20 talking about how bad they felt. Not my style....

                    To sum things up and leave you with a laugh, take a minute to think about this.....

One guy stood around all weekend talking about how he was a vegetarian and how he quit smoking 3 years ago! He smoked 3 packs of cigarettes in 2 days and ate hamburgers and hot dogs all weekend......

                                 I bet when he got home he told the wife a different story............

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