Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Damascus Va.,,,,, Trail Town USA ..............

As I said, I could hang out there about every weekend! Sunday I only spent about 30 minutes there and meet 2 very interesting people. I could only imagine who you would run into if you hung out for any amount of time. Everybody that walked by said hi and seemed to be in a good mood. It seemed to be a very relaxed place to be.

First person: The Appalachian Trail comes right down main street and as I stood there at the intersection of main and Hwy 58, they have a nice information kiosk there, a lady in her seventies came walking up. She had a backpack on that was damn near as tall as she was! That's right she was walking the Appalachian Trail!! At seventy two years old!

She was headed to a hostel there in town and planned to take a few days rest. We chatted for about 10 minutes and she was a delight to talk to. Of course she was retired and decided she wanted a challenge. She had been sick back in the spring and had gotten a late start this year, she knew she wouldn't be able to walk it all in one year anyway so she went ahead and started late.

She planned to hike as far as the weather would allow this year and then spend the winter at her sisters house in Maryland. Then in the spring she was gonna start again and hopefully finish next year! That's one BAS-ASS grandma!!! I hope and pray I have her motivation at 72 years old. She was A hoot to talk too..

Then as I went to head back to Abington I had a fellow biker flag me down. I had already pedaled about 4 miles back up the trail, I had seen him taking a nap on a bench on my way down so I didn't bother him then. But he was awake and had been following about an hour behind me when we meet. He wanted to know how far it was to Damascus.

He was riding a fully loaded Surly touring bike and had a heavy accent. He was from England and had been on the road for a full 5 years! He was on a full world tour, the final leg! He planned to be in Nova Scotia Canada in about 3 more months and then he was going home. Said his mom missed him and was ready to go. It had been a wonderful adventure and he loved every minute of it.

He had been in the states for 7 months came from South America. He had been through the Middle East, Southeast Asia the African Continent, New Zealand, Australia Mexico everywhere!!!! We chatted for about 30 minutes.

Again, I was envious!! That man had done more and seen more than probably anyone I have ever met! I can only imagine the memories he has.

                                                      Damascus is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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