Thursday, September 18, 2014

On The Money !!!!!!!!!!!!

Without killing myself I can go out and my hourly pace will be a tad over 15 miles an hour. I get in 2 hours and I will have 33 or 34 miles. "On The Money", every time! The only problem I am running into now is the daylight. The fading! Last night it was damn near dark when I was the last 4 miles.

Granted I got a late start, I needed a break before I headed out. AKA I took a nap! So I hit the road at a little after 5, I got in 34 miles and it was about dark. I guess I need lights! To me that's a sign of fall, I like that. Every year I get a little giddy when the weather starts to cool down and you see a pumpkin or two at the store.

Yep, I saw my first pumpkin over the weekend! Halloween is right around the corner, followed by the holidays. Of course I will be just like everybody else when spring comes, ready for winter to be over. But when the seasons change it's always neat. It reminds me of growing up, I always liked fall. With school starting and football, everything in general is just cool about fall.

I look forward to the cool nights and getting to use a fire pit! Cody even came home with a trailer full of wood last might. He dropped a dead tree over at my mother in laws and split it, loaded it and brought it back to the house. We have a pile ready for the pit!

                                                                     Change is cool.....

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