Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Looking Ahead ,,,,,,,,,,

That's what I am doing today! I didn't ride Sunday, with getting home and all the unpacking. Then Monday rolled around and I got the yard caught up. We have friends in town and that covered last night. We also have the weather that's been a mess the last few days so riding has been out! Although I am ready and willing to hit the road!

After the weekend and how strong I felt I am ready to get back out! It kinda renews your interest when you put in a good ride, you want to get back at it. Heck I am already looking into when I can get back up to the mountains for a few days. I have never been to DuPont State Forest and I want change that.

They have like a hundred miles of trails up there but a lot of them are short. In other words there are a lot of intersections, and trail names. That will make it kinda confusing the first few rides but I will figure it out. Usually after a few rides I can get around a trail system rather well. I just need a few rides.

                                            It's time to start figuring it out! I like new challenges!

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