Monday, September 29, 2014

12 Weeks-5 Days ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yep I checked this morning! That's how long we have till Christmas. I like to be ready and prepared, I started my shopping all ready. So far I have one gift bought and hidden! By the time everybody else starts going nuts with their shopping I will so be done!

Now for the here and now. The weekend came and I got out Saturday for a couple of hours then the same Sunday. The wife went to Kinston to see her brother and she came home yesterday afternoon. It was the kids and I all weekend so not much happened. A lot of house work and a little yard work. I knew she didn't want to come home to a disaster Sunday so I tried to stay on top of things.

Saturday I did my usual lap out toward Pageland and back, except I did it backwards. Nothing special just different, I came through Wingate while they were having a football game and that got me to thinking. I live 8 miles from the campus but I never even think of the entertainment value it could provide. We need to go to a game and check things out.

One funny thing happened while I was out, I was about 3 miles from the house when I came up to a stop sign. I just happened to look up and I saw a rider coming toward me. Where I live in Unionville you hardly ever see anyone riding, and when you do it's usually someone you know. So I waited! Well the came came up to sign across from me and never even acknowledged me!

He turned and took off. I said hi and he just looked at me and kept going! At first I just stood there and thought what a jerk! He was on one of those high end time trail bikes, the ones you are all hunched over on. I guess I was about to "ruin" his training ride. So I just shook my head and started pedaling. So as I pedaled along I could see him just up the road and he was in his "training" position.

I was just gonna let him go when I had a change of heart! He was killing it trying to go as fast as he could on the downhill and I was just cruising along. I knew I only had about 3 miles to go and who knows where he was heading. I put my head down and started riding as hard as I could! We had one climb on that road and it was coming quick. At the stop sign about a mile ahead he had two option as far as which way to go. I liked both ways!

I almost had him by the time we got to the sign and he turned left. I was hoping for that! We now had the wind to our backs and a long straight road ahead! It was on! I caught him about a half mile later, I went by at 28 miles an hour. He was probably cruising at 20! I knew he would be turning on the next road to the right so I did too. I stood up and crushed the first climb and over the second I finally let up and looked back. He was just coming over the first one at that point so I let up and went on home.

I did say hi went I went by him but I didn't say bye, I got a kick out it the whole scenario. Usually about this time of year I tend to kick back a little and try to enjoy the rides more for the time of year than just for the shear benefit of "training". Since I don't really have anything to train for anyway it's nice to slow down and see the signs of fall.

I doubt he even thought he was being rude but I took it that way. It doesn't hurt to say hi once in awhile, especially out in the middle of nowhere.........

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