Friday, August 22, 2014

You Better Use Your Head First ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So yesterday I had one of the worst days at work I have had in a long time! I went home in a really, really, REALLY, bad mood! I get home and plan to mow the yard, so I go out to the garage to get a beer before I start and I take a few minutes to look around.

The damn garage is a disaster! There is crap everywhere and none of it is in the right spot! The majority of the mess belongs to my kid! Yep, the same "great" kid I was bragging on the first of the week. The more I looked around the more I became furious!

I have asked him and told him 10 times to clean up his mess and get the garage straight. He hasn't done it yet! Then to top it off he was at the creek, he could have been home doing what I ask him to do. The more I looked the madder I got, I was just waiting for him to come home.

I even tried to call him, no answer! After another beer I went ahead and got the mower and got started. As I was rolling around the yard I was steady thinking about work and why my job has to be so aggravating. As I have said before I sell building supplies and the remodeling end of my sales would be the cause of 99 percent of my problems.

Mainly the fact that the majority of the people who do remodel work don't really know what they are doing. I really feel sorry for a lot of homeowners because of this, and yesterday that was the headache I had to deal with. Long story short I was furious when I came home!

About that time it dawned on me that if I didn't get my head right I was about to lay into my son for no more reason than I had a bad day! Yes he needs to clean the garage and pick up tools instead of leaving them laying. Yes we needed to talk about that. But yesterday was not the time! As I have said before and yes I mean it every time, I have good kids!! They don't get in trouble and I trust them.

They talk to me and we are friends as well as father and son. There is a difference! If I want to keep the relationship I have with my kids I need to think before I blow my top! Especially when it's not there fault when I have a bad day. The funny thing is about the time I realized how close I came to being a total ass to my son for no reason I calmed down and started to enjoy the moment!

The sun was shining and the grass is green! There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the bills are paid! I have a trip planned in a few weeks to ride my bike and the following week I am going back to the beach. Life is good!! Real good! Chase starts high school next week and Cody is in college now! I have a job and I brought it home with me!!

                                                       Big mistake!!!!!!

When the kid got home we had a nice chat about his first week in school. He was in a great mood and was talking and telling me all about it. We talked about his Jeep and when we are going to order his new wheels and a few other things. In the course of the conversation I did mention he needed to pick up the garage and then moved on to something else. I didn't harp on it.

The wife cooked dinner and we ate. The evening turned out to be really good! Yet it came so close to being the total opposite. Funny thing is, while we where in the house getting dinner ready Cody stayed out in the garage and picked things up. He did it without me being a jackass about it............

I am glad I woke up and didn't let my emotions ruin a great evening with my kids. It came so close to being a disaster and it would have all been my fault! As a parent "You Better Use Your Head First"..... You only get one go at raising your kids, you better make the best of it.....

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