Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back On Track,,,,

I guess that's what you could call it. I got in my 40 last Thursday and then I did a 35 Saturday am followed by a 30 miler on Sunday. 105 miles total for the week, followed by a trail run Sunday night. I was beat, no problem sleeping that night. Trail running ain't no joke!

My legs aren't the problem it's my core, my mid section is sore! But damn I had fun! The dog and I ran through the woods and she had a blast. It's funny I haven't tried to train her or anything but she will stay right on the trail and just go. She seems to know how to follow the most used trail. We can come to an intersection and she will always follow the path that seems to get the most use.

Every once in awhile she will miss it but not often. Point is it took me a week to get back in the grove but I am there. Now tonight I will start working on this weeks mileage. As I said I want to hit the mountains ready to ride!

Sunday I did meet a new friend, a guy that lives around the corner from me found me on Strava and he had sent me an email. He called Saturday and we meet first thing Sunday. I usually don't get up that early but to be honest I am going to try to do it more often. Especially on Sunday morning, we got in 30 miles and where back at home by 9am.

I liked that, after a day around the house I was ready to go for a run. I usually only do one thing a day but when you get in a ride that early it's easy to slip back out in the evening. Plus the traffic was next to nothing and it was still nice and cool out. Next week will see more of that.

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