Friday, August 29, 2014

That Was Fun !!!!!!!!!!!

As you know, I have talked about it all summer. I just haven't had the urge to ride my mountain bike since early May. More like I haven't had the urge to drive anywhere to ride my mountain bike. I have just gone out the end of the driveway and done the road bike thing for the last several months.

Well last night I came home from work and just felt like loading up! I got out the bike and loaded up the Blazer and headed to one of the better local trails. Sherman Branch was calling my name! I guess I just needed a break cause I swear I literally was laughing out loud!

It took me the better part of half a lap, about 5 miles of bouncing off of trees and running of the trail before I found my groove again! It was funny and sad all at once. BUT... Once I found my groove again and got my head in the game, I was focused and rolling! Mister momentum is the best riding buddy you could ever want.

All I needed was a few miles and a few smiles to make my evening. Four months of road riding and nothing to do with the mountain bike went right out the window. I found the enjoyment of being in the woods again. Now I want to ride all those local trails that I know ever hump bump and root or rock on. I think I have been away long enough now to miss all of them!

Don't worry the road bike is not gonna be parked, I have a ride planned for Sunday. But I also have plans to ride with a few friends Monday morning in the woods. I started lining that up on the way home last night. I came home with a smile on my face, maybe driving to ride isn't such a big deal after all. A break was just what I needed!!!

                                                        I swear I love bicycles...........

Or maybe I just love the freedom and places a bike will take you. Plus I rode the motorcycle back and forth to work all week. Overall I guess I had a good week. I had the wind in my face every where I went all week! The motorcycle may be "motorized" but it still only has 2 wheels.....

                                     Have a good holiday and see ya on Tuesday........

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