Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Growing Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night made me think I might finally be reaching that milestone! This post has nothing to do with bikes, it's all about me "Growing Up".

So last night I mowed the yard and driveway, then I got out the weed eater and tried to start it. No luck! I even went and got a new spark plug and still no luck. This is where I think I might have grown up a little bit.

The younger me would have beat that stupid weed eater slam into the ground. Believe it or not that's what happened to my last one! Something about yard equipment that don't work just drives me through the roof! I hate to do the work anyway and then when the damn mower or weed eater won't work it makes me mad!

Last night I took a deep breath and about the time I was ready to start pounding I just walked in the garage and put the weed eater down in the corner. I thanked "it" for the 3 years of faithful service it has provided me and I went in the house. I told the wife we need a new one and I took a shower.

No harm no foul...........

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