Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back In Action!!!!!!!!

So I got home and went to Lowe's, 5 minutes later I was headed for the door with my new weed eater! Another hundred dollars and I am good to go. Three more years and we can do it again. As I stood there looking at them I saw the one with 89 dollar tag and the one right beside it for 130.

They looked the exact same except one was a Bolin and the other a TroyBuilt. The Bolin yellow and TroyBuilt is red. The shaft on the TroyBuilt is about 2 inches longer but that was it. So as I stood there scratching my head a sales guy walks up and we start talking. I ask him what the difference is between the two and he says nothing but the color and length of the shaft.

Then he says the only reason the Bolin is yellow is because TroyBuilt didn't want it to look exactly like there regular one? SO I ask him to say that again, I wasn't following I guess. Well after he explains it I just shook my head and got the yellow one!

Turns out TroyBuilt makes the yellow Bolin brand, the reason it's yellow is they don't want to sell a weed eater under a hundred bucks with there name on it! How lame is that? Long story short, I got a new Bolin/TroyBuilt weed eater and the yard looks good. Time to move on!

Tonight I will pedal..........

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