Monday, January 13, 2014

By Myself ,,,,,,,

Yesterday we had the Panthers playoff game and the Winter Short track Series started. One made a big difference in the traffic count,the other just made a difference in weather or not I had a riding partner. I waited till 12;30 to hit the road and I put down 2:05 in time and a 16.3 average speed.

Nothing fancy but it was a good ride. Good because it rained all day Saturday and I just wanted to be out. The sun felt amazing. The wind was a little stronger than I would have preferred but when you turned the corner and went the right direction, you flew then!

I watched football Saturday and I like the Panthers but they aren't my favorite team. So I figured I could head out and get home in time for the end of the game. Guess what, as I said I left at 12:30 and rode for 2:05. By the time I got home and came in and changed, I sat down and it was still halftime! So I still watched the last half of the game. I would have liked to see them win but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Maybe next year.

Next week will be the good games! I can't wait to see the Patriots and the Broncos go at it again. I will be there for that!

Now back to the bike. Saturday while it rained all day I took a trip. I went to town and toured a few bike shops. The reason I did was because I need a new road bike. Right now I ride a 22 year old frame, a Bridgestone. They stopped making bikes around 91-92. I was riding a Motobecane that I bought back in 2007.

About 2 years ago I cracked the frame on the Motobecane and stripped all the parts off it. I did the same to the Bridgestone and put the two together. Bam, I had a classic steel frame with all new Ultegra parts and Vuelta wheels. It rides like a dream. The only thing is it's kinda heavy. Not that big of deal but a little more than I like to push when I ride with a group. It's 24 pounds. That's a lot for a road bike.

When I am out by myself it doesn't matter, but when I ride with a group I tend to run out of energy a little sooner than everybody else. Most everybody else is riding a bike that weights in around 17 to 18 pounds. Anyway now that I have been riding the road more and plan to do a lot more road riding I decided to get a new bike.

After looking at everything I decided to go with the Cannondale Cad 10. It's an aluminum bike with a carbon fork. I had them change out the rear cassette to make it easier on the climbs and it has the compact crank. With pedals it weighs in at 18 pounds!

It's black and yellow, I can pick it up Wednesday.......

I can't wait, I haven't had a new bike in a few years..... Some people love new cars, I love new bikes.........

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