Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Already !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite time of the year!        Fall!!

The temps get just right and the leaves change colors. It's the one season that was made with mountain biking in mind.

Next Saturday the 22nd it will be official. I just thought I would let ya know.....

So now that it's Thursday I am gonna hit the trails on my way to the soccer game. I have time for a quick lap and that's about it. But I do have a weekend coming. Every week about this time I start making my plans.

So far this week the weather has been fantastic! Sooner or later with fall coming we are gonna have some rain. But until we do I am gonna keep wearing Cane Creek out. Then after it rains I will probably stay down there anyway. I am kinda attached to the place again.

What goes around comes around... What's old is new again........

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