Friday, August 23, 2013

Not Bad ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As I mentioned yesterday, I needed to get at least 400 miles this month.

Why because I want to!

Plus my buddy is killing the miles and next time we ride together he will kick my ass if I don't pick it up!

So last night I went out and did 30, yea I know I planned on 40 but I stayed on the couch to long before I started. Then I barely made it home before dark. Lesson learned, time is gonna change before long and I need to get going sooner..

Well when I did get home I took a look at my total for the month. With last night I am at 210, not bad. No I won't make it to 400 this month but I did have a vacation last week that took up a good amount of the month. I will end up with about 330.

Next month I will easily get 400 plus. If I can slip in a few big months before the end of the year I will hopefully break 5000. Right now I am gonna come up short with about 4100. If I stay on my current schedule, and time is about to change. So that might be hard anyway. But I would like to beak 5000 at least once.

I always seem to be around 3500 to 4000............ 

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