Monday, August 26, 2013

Is It Fall Yet ???????????

I can only hope! I rode Saturday and Sunday. Both days the weather was about as good as it can get. Saturday I took off and headed to Cane Creek, the "used to be" capitol of Charlotte mountain biking.

Back when it was like the one and only place to ride. Plus it used to cost 2 bucks to ride, dollar for the car and dollar for the bike. Now they have gone up to $7 bucks. $4 for the car and $3 for trail use. Not bad for a couple of times a month. But you wouldn't want to pay that much every time you ride.

Then throw in the fact that the Charlotte crowd is about as cheap as they come and you end up with one of the most peaceful places to ride around. You see hardly anybody on bikes there. A lot of horses but no bikes. Plus the trails are actually really sweet. They have good flow and there is a lot more climbing than you would think.

So anyway Saturday I had plans to meet up with 3 guys for a ride there. They happen to be the only 3 besides me who use the place. I always end up going early and getting in a few miles before they come, so as I was on my way the phone rings.

Just like that 2 of them canceled. I thought "oh well" I got one more coming. So I get there and ride for an hour and swing back through the parking lot only to find the 3rd one was a no show! Now I am on my own.

I am a big boy so no problem, I head off to play by myself. I rode everything twice and had a great ride. I swear it's a shame nobody rides there. The place is awesome! Right now the trails are as sweet as they have ever been!

Fast and smooth, great lines and all the speed you want! With the cooler temps it almost felt like fall......

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