Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Old !!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this because,, we went out with about 8 friends Friday night and I was still in recovery mode yesterday! Twenty years ago I could go out and party all night and bounce right up the next morning and never miss a beat.

Now I can't even hold a beat! It kicked my ass! We ate drank and played pool. Haven't done the pool thing in years, so that was fun. I just needed less of the drinking part.

Saturday I went mountain biking and ended up sick. I couldn't even finish a lap. I went home and it never got any better. Sunday came and I at least got my ride in but it was no epic ride for sure. Slow and short.

Bottom line, I wasted a weekend! That pisses me off! You only get so many so it's a total waste when you ruin one like I did. The only highlight is the fact that we leave for Ashville tonight and I will be in the mountains the rest of the week.

Cody and I are gonna take the road bikes and the GPS so we can explore Ashville. We thought about taking the mountain bikes and enjoying some of the scenic trails in the area but that requires to much drive time. If we went to ride and drove for 30 minutes each direction and rode for 2 hours we are gone for 3 total. Where we leave the campground and road ride we can ride longer.

Got to cover the family time also. Anyway it's gonna be a fun week....

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