Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nice and Easy ,,,,,,,,,

That was my motto. I hit the road last night for my first ride since I screwed up my hand and ribs and wrist. "Nice and Easy", for the most part it worked. I managed to put in a full 30 miles and had a 15.9 avg speed.

Not the fastest, not the slowest! I usually end up around 18.5 or so for my average. Plus I managed to avoid the rain. I had a few sprinkles fall on me but that was it. The only time my hand hurt was when I hit the big bumps. As long as I tried to ride on the smoothest sections I did OK.

I know I am turning into a big road wussy, after all the cleaning and washing I was really kinda proud of my old bike. Remember I am riding a 25 year old frame and fork. Bridgestone stopped making bikes back in 92'.

Last year I had Cody strip my new bike and put all the stuff on my old frame. Steel is real baby! It might be a little on the heavy side but it still only weighs about 20 pounds.

Yes I know everybody else rides new bikes, carbon and high end aluminium. But I ain't like everybody else....

Don't have plans to change either............

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