Monday, June 10, 2013

Counting Down.............

Counting down to a no stat week. Also known as a vacation week, and no I have no intentions of riding running swimming, anything during my vacation. It just doesn't work like that for me. I have tried it before and found it was more of a hassle than it was worth.

I would take a bike with me and get one ride in. The rest of the time I would spend the week pushing it around the hotel room because it was in the way. A vacation is a vacation! I don't get paid to ride a bike.

OK, so the weekend is over but I enjoyed it. Saturday Kelly and I slipped out for a road ride. I ended up with 55 miles for the ride, so far that was the longest ride of the year for me. Knowing my riding habits it will probably end up in the top 5 for long rides this year. It's not very often I put in many more miles than that.

Then yesterday the wife and I hit the road on the Goldwing. 225 miles later we were home. We had a destination when we left and time to kill so it was fun. I needed a part for the camper so we went to Camping World in Statesville. It was the only camping store open on Sunday.

But we went via Salisbury, with the return route taking us through Mooresville and Concord. We even spent the better part of an hour sitting under the bank drive-thru waiting for a storm to blow through. Of course right after we hit the road to come on home it started to rain again!

It wasn't to heavy so we actually stayed pretty dry. I did get in a swim this morning so I am off to a pretty good start for the week.....

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